How to Join

STEP 1:  Call (951) 588-5640 to see if your business category is available. You can also check our online Directory of Members.

STEP 2: Attend your first meeting.  As long as there is no conflict with an existing member’s category, guests are welcome to attend free of charge up to two times with no obligation to join the group.

STEP 3: Fill out the application below. After your 2nd visit, we ask that you wait to visit again until your membership is approved.

(Submission of an application does not guarantee membership approval or that your category is available.)

STEP 4: While you are awaiting membership approval, download & review the Let’s Network Bylaws.

(By applying for membership, you must agree to abide by the Let’s Network Bylaws).

STEP 5: After you are approved as a member, pay your annual dues & application fee (Cash or Check)

One Time Application/Start-up Fee: $30.00

Annual Dues $80.00

Total = $110.00

If you are paying by check,  make checks payable to “Let’s Network.”

STEP 6: Congratulations you have finished the final step! You are a proud member of Let’s Network. Now bring your business cards; get to know your fellow members; and start giving and receiving referrals!


Apply for Membership Below:

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